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A new range of colours for Phormalab Hotdoor lamps

Among the main novelties of 2022 it is of great importance to mention our latest additions regarding the colors of our Hotdoor line.
Thanks to the many feedbacks we received from the market in recent years, Phormalab has decided to expand and renew the range of colours which are now available in our catalogue. In this way, our product not only fits perfectly into every type of environment, but also follows the main trends of the moment.
We would also like to remind that we always use special paints, resistant to high temperatures but also to the weather, and are therefore perfectly able to guarantee an extended use in any possible condition.

New colours

To date we have updated the catalogue with new colours, both for the body and the cover of the lamp. The cover is available in three different colours: black, white and beige; the body can be selected in six colours: black, white and beige – as already possible for the body -, but with the addition of grey, silver and brass as extra colours.

This allows the customer to combine the available colors in a rather varied way. Enabling them to create a product that is increasingly customizable according to their aesthetic needs and personal taste.

Furthermore, as we are not only the distributor but also the manufacturer of this lamp, we reserve the possibility to further evaluate colors which are “out of catalogue”: in case of special needs, there is the possibility to request a customized color, indicating it with its RAL reference code.

Color trend 2022: beige

Beige is probably the main novelty which was implemented for the Hotdoor range in terms of colouring. It was added to the black and white, which for years have been the two classic and emblematic colours of this product.

We chose to add this particular hue as it is warm and relaxing, and – being a desaturated colour – it helps convey calm and serenity. In addition, it suits perfectly both indoor and outdoor living areas, so transmitting a warm and welcoming mood.

After years in which black and white have been dominant in design, beige represents now a third alternative. Which is able to guarantee an easy matching of colours with other furnishings while at the same time maintaining a balanced and elegant atmosphere. A synthesis of elegance and class, this colour also kind of evokes a certain royalty and refinement.

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