Infrared Lamps: Design And Wellbeing

Infrared lamps: design and wellbeing

Infrared lamps: design and wellbeing More and more often infrared lamps are used on private terraces or in outdoor areas giving thermal comfort and prolonging their use even on the coldest and harshest winter evenings. They can be used for…

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How To Heat Terraces And Verandas

How to heat terraces and verandas

How to heat terraces and verandas The spaces that in everyday life are able to bring the individual back into contact with their own personal privacy are magical places, which have an ethereal dimension of their own and allow you…

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Infrared Heating For Indoor Environments

Infrared heating for indoor environments

An efficient alternative electric heating method. Today we will analyze a tool that is extremely useful, especially when temperatures are much lower than body temperature and therefore prohibitive. The infrared lamp can be a solution to this problem. We will…

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Feng Shui And Infrared Lamps

Feng shui and infrared lamps

Feng shui and infrared lamps Feng Shui is the ancient geomantic art of Taoist China that considers various aspects of the home in order to make it more livable. The stress we are subjected to in our daily activities is…

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Infrared Lamp And Global Warming

Infrared lamp and global warming

Infrared lamp and global warming Global warming is a process that for now is reversible, which personally affects every human being. In recent years great sensitivity and awareness has developed around this issue, imposing further reflection on choices that until…

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Infrared Lamps In SPA

Infrared lamps in SPA

Infrared lamps in SPA: good reasons not to do without them In recent years, there has been an ever-increasing evolution in the interior heating sector. The incessant search for new solutions, driven by the desire to find strategies that are…

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Infrared Heater And Infrared Lamp

Infrared heater and infrared lamp

In common language we call it an infrared lamp, given its shape and function, which is extremely similar to a normal electric lamp. However, due to its dual utility, heat diffusion and light radiation, it can be identified as an…

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