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Enjoy moments outdoors with an infrared lamp

What if you could enjoy outdoor spaces all year round? Thanks to Phormalab’s infrared lamp this is possible! You may have noticed the presence of similar heaters used to warm places such as restaurants and bars. But our infrared lamp is also great for keeping the outdoor areas of your home warm enough to make them completely accessible for all year round.

This is remarkably interesting if we are to consider the measures that have been gradually adopted in recent months to decrease the spread of COVID-19, such as maintaining social distancing and, consequently, increasingly restricted access to enclosed spaces.

Therefore, more and more exhibitors have adapted their porches, terraces and gazebos accordingly. So as to offer their customers a cosy place in open spaces – where the Covid-19 is less transmissible – but at the same time without sacrificing the comfort of heating.

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heating works in a similar way as the sun’s beams: the surfaces touched absorb the infrared energy and consequently heat up, thus giving off heat.

This technology is the ideal heating solution for rooms with little insulation, because the heat produced is not affected by any drafts or open windows; in fact, the infrared mechanism is extremely targeted: it heats what you want in a targeted way, unlike convection heat, which heats the surrounding air and it’s more dispersive.

Among the many advantages of our product we find:

  • Instant and direct heat
  • Directional heat exactly where needed
  • Immediate heat (in a few seconds)
  • Aesthetic and functional design
  • Protection of the lamp against water and dust
  • High quality material, without any risk of corrosion
  • Considerable energy savings

There are many factors to consider when buying an infrared outdoor lamp for your home; along with a growing interest in the issue of energy sustainability, people are also becoming more and more informed about the actual environmental impact of their time outdoors, especially when it comes to heating.

A spontaneous question therefore arises as to whether and to what extent infrared lamps are actually environmentally friendly. The technology used by our product represents an attractive heating solution, which at the same time contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. Our method is energy efficient, with proven savings of up to 50% compared to other conventional heating systems. Infrared lamps convert more than 90% of the electricity they consume into heat.

How many infrared outdoor lamps do I need?

It goes without saying that the number of heaters you need depends fundamentally on two variables. The size of the space you want to heat and how much you want to heat it. For a small home patio, a lamp is usually enough to guarantee a reasonable temperature.

Our lamps can be fixed to the ceiling, to the wall, to the umbrella or with even more possibilities of movement. Such as our floor standing lamp, allowing you to offer a comfortable outdoor space.

For our 2000 Watt versions, the estimate we provide for the heating radius of Hotdoor is about 10/12 square meters, while for Aura it is about 10. However, in some specific cases – for example, in situations where an environment may be particularly exposed to weather – oversizing is always advisable.

Thanks to a simple and functional dimming system, it is also possible to control the amount of heat emitted by the lamp according to your needs. Maximizing the yield of the product and avoiding an excessive consumption of electricity.

If necessary, our staff will be able to suggest an optimal solution in terms of the quantity of lamps needed and their optimal positioning by means of a visit or by viewing photographic material or planimetry.

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