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Give your house design elements

Phormalab makes wishes come true! Like that of an enveloping heat without any disturbing light emission. For this reason, infrared lamps are the first choice for any indoor or outdoor environment. Thanks to the minimalist aluminum design and the radiant surface with a wide choice of colors. These lamps fit discreetly and elegantly into any environment. On private terraces and in the outdoor lounge of an office building or a high-class restaurant. You will always have a classy and comfortable result .

How important is the design

The use of precious materials and excellent manufacture make Phormalab infrared lamps a particularly elegant design for environments. But that’s not all! The ambient lighting are not affected. Even the skin tone of the people in the space around appears unchanged and completely natural.

They can be fixed to the wall or ceiling or directly on the floor in the case of the floor lamp. In this case, it’s important to ensure adequate wind protection, to prevent the effect of thermal radiation from being neutralized by the cold air stream. A particularly practical and at the same time convenient feature is given by the absence of maintenance of the electric heaters since the lamps don’t have to be replaced.

Goodbye dust deposits!

All devices are protected inside from jets of water from all directions and from dust deposits. This makes them suitable and universally usable for mounting outdoors, on terraces, balconies and covered outdoor areas. In addition, their structure has been designed to prevent the penetration of water and dirt. The robust structure therefore adapts perfectly to mounting on balconies and terraces without roofing. The dust tightness of these stoves allows their use even in premises or workshops with a high concentration of dust.

Feeling of warmth and comfort

In addition to thermal radiation, infrared heaters usually also release red-orange light radiation. It is perceived by many as warm and welcoming. For romantic dinners, in high-class restaurants or in special event locations, it’s better to aim at minimalism. That’s why Phormalab has chosen to create a minimal design, perfect for any type of structure.

The design solution you were looking for

As the first colds approach, we immediately think how to solve the problem of heating your apartment for a small amount. Much of the energy consumption of a home is due to the need to heat homes during the winter. Reducing these consumption guarantees nice savings on bills and therefore on annual costs. We always remember that the reduction of consumption goes on par with the reduction of the emissions that determine the global warming of the planet.

Living in a studio apartment means having to worry about spaces that are too large but generally open, generally with high ceilings. Therefore difficult to adequately heat during the winter especially with the classic convective air systems. More and more families are using infrared radiant lamps as heating. Especially in the living room, this is often used because it creates a welcoming warmth. They also warm pleasantly by spreading heat throughout the room. In a large room, such as the living room, radiant heat saves heating energy.

The advantages of an infrared lamp

In the middle seasons: extreme differences in temperature occur within a few days. While it was still pleasantly warm in early September, a week later, winter already seems to be upon us. On temperature changes in the mid seasons it can be difficult to respond with the main heating. Sometimes when central heating is managed by a third party, this is impossible. With infrared lamps, on the other hand, you can enjoy the comfort of an always perfect and homogeneous temperature.
Flexible heating: During the day in the study at the desk, in the evening near the sofa. Thanks to the rapid heating phase, it is possible to respond quickly and independently from the cold climate.

Dehumidification: due to the temperature difference between summer and winter there is an increase in humidity contained in the walls. Problem areas are often the corners of a room. Dark spots are signs that moisture has already spread to the wall surface. Through the rays emitted, an infrared panel can heat the walls. The moisture is released outside, it does not even settle. In this way, mold can be avoided in the long term.

Simple installation: installation is very simple, the panel is ready to be connected. If you want to fix it to the wall, this is done quickly and easily with the mounting kit included in the package. Forget the long, expensive and invasive installations of conventional heaters. With infrared lamps you can solve the problem quickly and cleanly.
Advantageous operating mode: the temperature can be adjusted according to your own feeling of heat and the panel heats up relatively quickly. In addition, the infrared radiant panels are silent, save space and also look very elegant.

Adjust your lamp with a click!

Managing the heating of the infrared lamp has never been easier!

Thanks to the Smart Control function, you can manage the adjustment from your infrared lamp from your smartphone quickly and easily. With the right system you can reduce electricity consumption and monitor them constantly.

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