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How environmentally friendly are infrared lamps?

With the rise of green energy, the discussion of infrared lamps is increasingly popular: are they environmentally friendly? Yes, our infrared lamps are great – they are environmentally friendly and save money and energy.

How an infrared lamp works

It all depends on how these panels actually work. Rather than using gas, like central heating, they use electricity to generate the heat. This feeds the infrared waves that flood the room, heating the objects and not the air. This is similar to how the sun works, but without any harmful radiation.

The heat is even, so you don’t have to worry about any hot drafts or stuffy humid air. This is because it is the objects that absorb the heat, not the air. This also limits the growth of mold and cold spots in a way no conventional radiator can.

Plus, you can turn individual panels on and off much easier than individual radiators. This means you will only heat what is absolutely necessary. This way you avoid wasting energy to heat rooms that are not being used.

The consumption

Compared to other types of heaters, infrared heating uses much less energy. Measured in kW/h (kilowatt hour), an infrared lamp consumes approximately between 0.29 and 0.8 kW/h, depending on the size of the panel. While an IR panel is an investment, it doesn’t take long to pay off, based on the savings you can make.

It’s not only for your pocket which is better for, but also for the environment. Thanks to their low energy consumption, infrared heating panels create a lower carbon footprint, which means less environmental damage.

Our infrared lamps are also made with 100% recyclable materials. The surface and frames are made of aluminium, which is fully recyclable. Don’t forget, our panels are a much more energy efficient method of heating and can save you up to 60% on your heating bills.

They will also save you much more if you adjust them directly from the app on your smartphone. This way you will be able to precisely control the amount of energy they consume.

An ecological solution for your heating

Infrared heaters work similarly to the sun. This product emits infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye. The energy is then absorbed by the body and all other objects in the room. When you come into contact with light, you start to warm up, just like when you step out into the sun.

Infrared heaters are remarkably quiet when you compare this technology to the standard space heater. The reason for this plus is the lack of a fan. Instead, they radiate light energy, which is why they’re the perfect addition to a bedroom or other room where noise pollution might be a problem.

The coils wrap around the heat source so that there is an even transfer during operation, creating a several meter radius that delivers comfortable warmth to everyone in the room.

Furthermore, infrared heaters provide another environmental benefit. They do not actually add any pollutants into the room during operation. You will receive zero carbon burn and no toxic byproducts while using this technology. There are no open flames to control or fuel lines that could be dangerous under certain conditions. You are not taking anything from the air and you are not adding anything to it either.

It’s also an energy efficient technology, with some units using as little as 300w of electricity. Since almost 100% of the heat created by infrared heaters is transferred to the room or external environment, this option is an effective, economical and environmentally friendly heating solution.

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