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Metaphysics, design and infrared lamps

Why is the design of an infrared lamp essential?

When we see any object, from cars to mobile phones, this has a shape, specially designed by a discipline which perfectly combines art and technique: the industrial design. Even the design of infrared lamps is very important!

Why is design important?

Design is an ancient discipline at least as much as the production of handworks by man. In fact, every tool, ornament or furnishings, even the oldest, has always had a shape dictated by the needs of its use: from the materials with which it was made, to needs and tastes of the user.

Just because of the relationship between object and user, design has evolved over the centuries. It is a basic part of every moment of the realization of a product from the ideation, to the creation until the end of its life cycle; reason why it is not expressed only in the “brute form” of an object, but in every phase of its working.

Therefore, in addition to art and technology, the study of a huge amount of disciplines is included in the design: ergonomics, usability, environmental impact, economy, engineering of materials and many others. All these are used as tools by the designer’s mind, to think up and create something that is simply effective from every point of view.

Technical expression rather than artistic

So far, we have emphasized how complex and heterogeneous the study of design is, making a very concentrated summary of the importance it has in designing an object and listing some of the study disciplines necessary for the development of a winning style. However, the design stands out from the planning for a component: originality.

In fact, design products are a very high expression of human creativity because technical aspect is combined with the aesthetic one. As they say: looks also count. Therefore, we often think of associating it with art, even if this juxtaposition is improper.

An object with a refined and cared design will never be a work of art, for the sole reason that it resides in its usefulness. Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless.” (All art is useless). This is because art must exist only as an end in itself; so, design could be called an evolution of art? Or is it a simple product, combined with the technique? We leave this provocation open.

Design, light, heating

Even the lamps, the torches and the fireplaces have been taken care of by the designers through the centuries. Infrared lamps in particular have evolved and diversified, going from having a shape dictated solely by technical requirements to possess more harmonious lines.

Even in infrared lamps the level of care of design is the result of meticulous studies combined with a good dose of artistic inspiration. As they are inserted in an environment, such as the terrace of a restaurant, where they must be perfectly integrated with the context. Thus, avoiding being simple heated appendages, but being able to give a touch of class and refinement, leaving the user a pleasant sense of care in the details given by their discrete, though useful and perceptible presence: something that instead a little object curated from the stylistic point of view will never leave.

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