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Never colder hotels and restaurants with infrared lamps

In the hotels and restaurants sector being able to provide guests and customers a comfortable environments is essential: infrared heaters are the perfect solution to heat, both for indoor and outdoor (such as terraces, gardens, verandas, etc.), as they create localized heat, perceived as natural and pleasant. This technology represents a much more efficient and advantageous solution compared to common heating systems, from the point of view of the costs and for the perceived comfort.

Infrared technology

This lamps are professional devices that ensure modular and handy heating that can adapt to various needs. Phormalab heaters use all the benefits of medium wave technology, which allows you to heat rooms effectively, producing a heat that isn’t irritating to the eyes or skin. In fact, these lamps don’t produce light or generate glare, therefore resulting extremely safe for health.

How do they work?

Heating lamps use infrared radiation to give heat to people and surrounding objects. The heat that is produced is natural and pleasant, remembering that generated by the Sun. The quantity of heat emitted depends on the power of the lamp, while the distance from the heater affects the degree of heat perceived. In principle, it’s possible to perceive a temperature of 37 ┬░ up to a distance of 1 meter. This source of heat is recommended for those who suffer of allergies, as there is no movement of air or dust. In addition, infrared heaters don’t require maintenance. Infrared lamps are the perfect combination of light and heat: they are commonly used in the outdoor spaces of bars or restaurants, but also in balconies, terraces and gazebos. They can also be found in hard-to-heat indoor spaces such as churches and industrial buildings.

Hospitality and Comfort for hotels, restaurants and bars with infrared lamps


Thanks to infrared lamps, hotels, restaurants and bars can take advantage of the outdoor areas even in cold periods; they are ideal for heating effectively and immediately, managing to best accommodate and satisfy their customers any month of the year. Infrared systems use modern technology, producing localized heat transmitted by radiation directly to bodies and surfaces. Thanks to the infrared lamps it’s possible to heat only when and where it’s needed: this guarantees not only optimal temperatures, but also an economic saving with very low running costs.

Environments such as those of restaurants, intended for a wide and different public, must be able to satisfy anyone thanks to pleasant temperatures. That’s why infrared lamps can be the best solution for your business. Their operation is possible thanks to electricity, therefore no fuels of any kind are necessary for them to be usable. Through infrared rays, the heat is evenly distributed over the bodies that are inside the beam emitted by the lamp: this contributes to maintaining thermal well-being and ensures that the temperature inside the environment is perceived as comfortable and natural by customers.

One of the many advantages of Phormalab lamps, compared to any lamp on the market, lies in the wider irradiation they can guarantee. In fact, they are designed with a reflector with a geometry studied adequately to ensure a greater opening of the action radius. These lamps are able to offer the best solution in terms of well-being, effectiveness and economy.

The advantages of infrared lamps

Infrared systems differ from traditional heating systems not only by the ability to heat outdoor spaces efficiently, but also by different advantages. First of all, these devices are among the most convenient systems on the market, because they guarantee low energy consumption and long-term economic savings. In addition, they are also an ecological and non-polluting solution, since they don’t require the use of chemicals. A big point to their advantage is the total safety that they guarantee: with the use of medium wave technology, infrared lamps don’t pose a danger to the sight or the skin, ensuring the maintenance of the individual’s full well-being. In addition, all the lamps are waterproof as they are coated with a quartz tube that isn’t affected by direct contact with water.


Phormalab Infrared heaters

Today several heating lamps are available on the market, for this reason it’s important to know how to recognize a quality lamp from a poorer one. Phormalab has many years of experience in the design and production of infrared lamps. Years of study and manufacture products with high performance and high quality, with components made exclusively in Italy. For each lamp, we ensure direct assistance for every problem and the full availability of spare parts.

Our lamps dedicated to this sector have an innovative, modern and elegant design and they are well suited to be inserted in any type of environment, performing their function in an efficient and balanced way.
Our radiant panels work in a similar way to lamps, but have a larger surface and can be integrated into the ceiling or walls, or can be hung up becoming elegant furnishing accessories.

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