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New addition of 2022: Phormalab welcomes Aura

Phormalab is extremely proud to present its newest model for 2022, Aura: this product has an essential design and an urban style, which allow it to perfectly fit among our selection of products. Derived from a deep research work, Aura implements modern aesthetics to exceptional functionality and technological innovation. Embracing a vision towards the future of in the field of infrared heating lamps.

The structure of Aura

The looks of Aura is due to the work and the creativity of the italian designer Stefano Pasotti, just like completely italian is the manufacturing process of this lamp.

Also the body and the mounts of Aura are completely made in die cast aluminium; once produced, the lamp is then coated with some special paints, which are extremely resistant to high temperatures. The structure is then completed with a specific tempered glass, which mitigates the light emitted but at the same time is able to guarantee a satisfying feeling of warmth for who enjoys the product.

Aura is a safe and lasting choice: the bulb is actually guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5000 hours of usage. The product is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and is waterproof, with a protection degree of IP44.

Varieties of Aura

Just like the models of our Hotdoor family, Aura can be chosen in two power solutions. 1500 Watt (consumption of 1.5 Kilowatt per hour) or 2000 Watt (consumption of 2 kilowatt per hour).

Aura is available in two different colors: silver (model SMART) and black (models BASIC and SMART). The main difference between these two, besides from the coloring, is that the SMART version includes a dimmer straight into the external shell of the product. This allows the heat emitted to be controlled, and also the lamp to be switched on and off long-distance. All thanks to a bluetooth app (named “Phormalab”) which can be installed on your smartphone or any other kind of electronic device.

At the same time, Aura differs from similar products because of the wide variety of mounting solutions it offers. Thanks to a specially designed aluminium connection, alongside the standard choices of wall and ceiling fixings. Already used with the Hotdoor family – Aura adds the umbrella fixing (single/double) to the mix, which can also be installed on gazebos and pergolas. Inside the box, we’ll provide you with everything you need for a quick and smooth installation of the product.

We do also offer – as a further optional – an anti-glare kit, useful to cover even the thin light beams coming from the two external sides of Aura.

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