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Phormalab is on Archiproducts

We are proud to announce that Phormalab has officially joined the family of Archiproducts, Archiportale and Archilovers portals. is the largest permanent virtual exhibition of architecture and design. An international platform founded in 2009 by the merging of Archiproducts Archive of Edilportale and Archiportale.

Archiproducts is the reference platform of all the portals of the network for the publication of catalogues and for product tagging in projects on Archilovers: not only simple documentation, but also objects directly integrated within the various projects present.

This ever-expanding database is translated into 11 languages and allows you to carry out advanced queries by category, manufacturer, designer and retailer. Thus creating a real world of brands, designers, trade fairs, news and international events.

Archiproducts is the largest source of information for online inspiration in the fields of design and architecture in general. It includes over 250,000 products, 3,500 brands, 200,000 projects and 2 million photos. This immense collection is consulted daily by thousands of architects, decorators, designers, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers. Also buyers and design lovers, who are able to find new products and inspirations every day thanks to the exploration of this portal.

Archiproducts is also equipped with a completely free App, which makes available the same thousands of products, brands and designers, but with the user friendliness allowed by mobile devices.

Phormalab and BIM: now available

In addition to joining the portal, in 2022 Phormalab implemented – again in collaboration with Archiproducts. com – its innovative BIM section. BIM. archiproducts is the world’s largest database of BIM and CAD files for architecture and design. In this way, architects who subscribe to the portal free of charge. Or who require the credentials to access the restricted area of the website – are able to download the product files of interest to them and then insert them into the desired context using different specific software, used for 3D design.

But exactly, what is BIM and what does it offer compared to a classic 3D file?

The acronym for BIM is “Building Information Modelling”: that is, a model of a building with project information. BIM is therefore a methodology, which includes several software suitable for design and also for construction, used for its various stages of development. Thanks to this new operating model, all the data concerning the planning of the design of a building are collected, unified and combined in a single file, the BIM. In this way, the architects will have immediate access to all the information concerning the product, the different finishes, the materials and the functionalities, which can be modified to better express their design needs.

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