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Phormalab lamps body

When it comes to infrared lamps one usually thinks of talking about their operation and their technical characteristics. However, it is also important to have an overview, focusing not only on the infrared lamp itself, but also on the body that supports it.


The advantages of using aluminum 

The material used to make the body of an infrared lamp is aluminum; an extremely widespread metal on our planet used in most of everyday objects by its properties. It is in fact a very ductile metal, therefore easily workable; in addition to this it is also very light and resistant to oxidation.

All these features make it suitable for creating objects of all kinds; aluminum is used in components for outdoor and indoor lighting, but also for the manufacture of infrared lamps. In fact, the resistance of aluminum to oxidation is considerable thanks to the formation of a very thin layer of oxide that prevents the formation of rust.


The realization of the lamp body

A large part of the aluminum processing takes place through the die-casting process, a process that involves the injection of liquid metal into a steel or a cast-iron mold. In this way the imperfections inside the component made will be reduced, compared to other production systems, regardless of the amount of metal used.

The body of an infrared lamp (or less) once it is printed is then finished, eliminating the external imperfections, polished, sanded and painted, using non-toxic powder paints. Then all the components are added, finishing the product.


Made in Italy excellence

Since the beginning of the last century, made in Italy quality in the field of manufacturing aluminum products has been distinguished in the world through the die-casting process. This is due to the possibility of automate the industrial processes using die casting, reducing production costs and times, while increasing the quality of the finished product.

Industrial automation is a field of Italian excellence (one of the so-called 4 A: Automation, Automotive, Clothing and Food); applied to the process of making the die-cast aluminium body of an infrared lamp, it can only give an excellent result.

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