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The best outdoor heating for premises

Are you looking for the best way to heat an outdoor space for venues such as hotels, restaurants or bars? Heating your outdoor commercial space can seem like a daunting task; in the colder months it may seem inevitable that your terraces, patios and pergolas are destined to remain unused, left in the cold, waiting for the first signs of spring. Fortunately, infrared heating is the perfect solution to ensure outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, hotels and offices are not wasted.

External infrared heating for rooms

First, it is important to understand the difference between the two main methods of heat transfer: convection and irradiation.

Convection is the other type of heat transfer and is quite common: it is found in radiators and heating panels. It works by heating the air around you, making the environment comfortable. Convection is great to make you feel hot in an instant, but it doesn’t have much lasting power; because the air moves freely, an open door or a thinly insulated window will let out the hot air generated, wasting energy and, consequently, money. Therefore, putting a convection heater outside is rather useless, as there is no way to repel the airflow when you are surrounded by it.

The irradiation, exploited by infrared technology, is much more targeted and efficient. Heaters that convert energy into radiation include radiators, of course, but also infrared panels and outdoor lamps. Infrared is a type of heat that travels like an electromagnetic wave, penetrating people and objects. It is completely harmless and gives a feeling of pleasant warmth. It’s the same kind of heat created by our bodies, and it’s perfect for outdoor applications, as it keeps people comfortable regardless of the outside air temperature.

Where to install an external infrared heater

Any outdoor location where targeted heating is required, such as bars, restaurants and hotels, can enjoy the benefits of an infrared lamp. A patio wall facing a seating area, or a pergola that needs targeted heating, would definitely benefit from an infrared heater.

Infrared lamps are an excellent universal solution for a wide range of locations. Outdoors or indoors, if your space needs a solid source of heat, the best option is short-wave infrared technology. The heating lamp can be installed on walls or ceilings by a professional electrician or totally DIY in the case of our floor lamps.

Perfect for larger indoor rooms or outdoor spaces, our infrared lamp represents excellence in the field of design infrared heating, all with energy efficiency in mind. In fact, it is a great choice for any place where comfort comes first: hotels, bars and restaurants, just to name a few. In addition, when combined with our smart dimmer, you can adjust the heat intensity directly from your smartphone. With different thermal resistances to choose from, these heaters are suitable for every season.

Nothing completes cozy outdoor gatherings like having an infrared lamp to provide guests with comfortable warmth throughout the year. Infrared outdoor heaters are literally a breath of fresh air when it comes to outdoor space heating. By converting electricity into 100% radiant heat, they are designed to provide natural and relaxing heat without emitting polluting gases.

How efficient are they?

Infrared heaters are undoubtedly the most efficient method of outdoor space heating compared to gas and solid fuels. They convert every watt of energy into heat, enabling 100% efficiency at the point of use and zero waste. Designed to last for a long time, they provide heat exclusively through irradiation, so that the heat is not lost in any way.

Moreover, they require very little maintenance and no professional assistance. A simple cleaning and damage check is enough to keep your infrared heater running smoothly throughout the year. In addition, since these types of heaters do not burn using a fuel, the dangers of carbon monoxide leakage are eliminated, making infrared heaters one of the safest outdoor heaters on the market.

Infrared is the best method of heating outdoor spaces: low maintenance, a discreet and elegant visual impact and total safety are the main features of our heating lamps.

Ideal for heating your outdoor spaces

When it comes to keeping outdoor environments warm, radiant heat is undoubtedly the main advantage of infrared lamps. Signalling a departure from traditional gas or oil heaters – which only heat air – these electric solutions provide an efficient and effective alternative. In addition to heat transfer, there are a number of advantages that make these products ideal for outdoor use.

All our infrared outdoor heaters are in fact equipped with an appropriate IP rating, which means they are safe for outdoor use even in the event of rain, so you can maintain ambient heat levels without any worries. Floor, wall and ceiling options offer versatility when it comes to installation: you could choose a floor for its adaptability, or a more permanent wall/ceiling mount for areas that are frequently used.

Your outdoor spaces will benefit from silent infrared heaters, which do not have a noise fan. Without gas or moving parts, these heaters are maintenance-free, eliminating time and money. Phormalab infrared lamps are ideal for both commercial and domestic environments. These heating solutions are available in a wide range of modern finishes and minimal design, so you can choose a product that best suits each solution.

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