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Bluetooth DIMMER

Smart control for Phormalab heaters.

Install the Bluetooth dimmer and download our App to add smart functionalities to our heaters.

Bluetooth DIMMER

For all the devices

for all Android and iOS devices

Range: 50 meters

no line of sight required

Download Phormalab App

Download the App for iOS and Android, in order to manage your dimmers.

Individual control

each heater is connected to the Bluetooth Dimmer can be controlled individually from the Phormalab App

Timer function

Timer function



polished aluminium


11,8 cm x 8,8 cm x 4,8 cm


1.9 m 3-wire 1.5 mm²,
3-pin plug 1 / N / PE ~ 230 V / 240 V 50 / 60 Hz


All the Functions

The Bluetooth dimmer enables operation of the infrared heater via Smartphone or tablet

For the first time, the new dimmer with Bluetooth interface enables the control of all brands of infrared heaters via Smartphone or tablet. Heaters with an overall output of up to 3000 watts can simply be connected to the Bluetooth dimmer. Download the free Phormalab App to enable remote operation via Smartphone or tablet.

Reliable infrared remote control with improved features

The infrared remote control contained in the set is unicoded and compatible with all our products. The IR remote control with variable thermoregulation can be used to control one or more heaters, which are connected to the Bluetooth Dimmer, of up to 3 kW within visual range and a radius of six to seven meters.

Manual operation of the switch

The Bluetooth Dimmer can be switched on, dimmed and switched off by pressing the built-in switch on the device once or repeatedly.

Download Phormalab App


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