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The consumption of an infrared lamp depends on its power which is measured in watts and on the duration of the instantaneous heat of use. Phormalab infrared lamps are an easy-to-use heating solution and they have an extremely low energy consumption compared to other systems. To get an idea of ​​the consumption of an infrared heater, it can be said that the greater its power (watts), the greater its electricity consumption.

However, when you are evaluating the consumption of an infrared lamp, it’s necessary to consider the heating action range that it offers for the power you are considering, since the desired efficiency, that is the instantaneous heat, is a discretionary component but decisive for the calculation of consumption.

The consumption of an infrared lamp: Costs to be considered

In the economic evaluation of a heating system with infrared lamps, in addition to actual consumption, installation and maintenance costs must be considered.


Infrared lamps don’t require any ordinary maintenance.


The infrared lamps don’t require periodic annual checks or checks by specialized technicians.


Each panel is supplied with a fixing mask. Anyone can install them by simply hanging them on the wall or ceiling and connecting them to a power outlet.


The very high build quality allows to estimate the useful life of the radiant panels over 15 years.


It’s the first low consumption electric heating system cheaper than gas, diesel and traditional electric stoves.

Infrared or convention heating?

Thanks to its high directionality, infrared lamps allows heat to be transmitted only to areas of interest, such as the workbenches used by employees inside an industrial warehouse. The air, in fact, remains fresh and not dry, giving the occupants a feeling of greater livability and comfort. Furthermore, the heat transmitted by radiation is perceived as softer and more uniform.

Convection heating proves to be inefficient for industrial realities, where the presence of large windows and the frequent opening of the doors generate a high dispersion of hot air, which moreover tends to concentrate on the ceiling rather than on the areas of interest.


Economic heating for large rooms

Infrared heating solutions are suitable for heating large rooms with significant savings on both installation and maintenance costs. Phormalab offers a wide choice of products, for different needs and environments. Not only that, low-consumption heating panels can be installed all together, or added in subsequent stages based on changing heating needs (for example, expansion of a work bench in an industry).

The devices produced by Phormalab are all equipped with smart controls, through which the user can set the desired temperature, the start time and the duration of the heating period through his smartphone.


Infrared lamp: the consumption

How much does an infrared heating system consume?

All the main studies, conducted by universities and accredited bodies, agree that a heating system with infrared lamps allows for savings of at least 50% compared to a convection system.

In industrial applications, the latter is in fact forced to operate continuously (except for a few short breaks). While an infrared system, by virtue of its greater efficiency, requires an at least halved period of operation. All this translates into immediate savings on electricity costs, to which are added lower fixed maintenance costs and greater sustainability for the environment.

If we return home from work and we are cold, but we will stay at home for a short time because we need to go out immediately. The electric stove solution presents a significant saving for several reasons:

  • heating is immediate and there is no need to wait for the heating system to spread heat throughout the home;
  • the energy saving is due to the shorter use time of the electric stove, unlike another type of heating system which consumes energy and disperses it in the meantime which is heating up;
  • no fuel is used which would be wasted, as in the case of wood in the fireplace, if the time of use of the heating system is very short;

It should also be considered that, the types of electric stove on the market allow to obtain optimal heating. Qhich doesn’t dry the room air, with very low energy consumption, unlike the previous types of stove with electric heater.

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