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Infrared heater and infrared lamp

In common language we call it an infrared lamp, given its shape and function, which is extremely similar to a normal electric lamp. However, due to its dual utility, heat diffusion and light radiation, it can be identified as an infrared heater. There is a thin line between the two terms, lamp and heater, which can be used as synonyms.


Another name for infrared lamp

We begin by assuming that infrared lamps have this name because they work identically to all the types of lamp we are familiar with. Except for the fact that, in addition to light, they have the ability to spread heat, through radiation. For this reason the term infrared heater is used as a synonym of infrared lamps.


Nonetheless, a clarification must be made, which may seem minute, but it is necessary to touch on this subject. An infrared heater is a type of product that includes infrared lamps, infrared stoves and infrared heating panels. Therefore it is not wrong to identify the infrared lamp as an infrared heater, although it may be inaccurate.


The effects of infrared heating

The infrared lamp is part of the product category of infrared heaters, as well as radiating heaters and panels. These objects are aesthetically very different, but they share the same purpose and working principle: heat solid bodies by radiation; that is, through the possibility of spreading heat through electromagnetic radiation.


In short, infrared heaters are all those objects that can increase the temperature of a body, without having to heat the surrounding air. This is possible either directly, i.e. by making sure that something falls within the heat and light cone of the heater; or indirectly, because the radiation bounces on the walls and surfaces giving a feeling of warmth “by reflection”.


Objects in constant evolution

The diffusion of heat by radiation with a lamp, a stove or an infrared panel, is the way to heat a location, and is the method that is as close as possible to the transmission of heat from the Sun. Although there are many detractors of this method for heating rooms, continuous innovation has made it efficient and ecological, leading it to be increasingly widely used, especially in large spaces and open areas, such as terraces or lounges.


While abroad the use of such systems is notable, in Italy the term infrared heater is perhaps today still too tied up with the stereotypical image of an elderly lady, sitting near an old and expensive infrared heater; a reality that perhaps could have been true 15 years ago. Today, thanks to technical progress, combined with an evolution of materials and design, this combination can safely be said to have been superseded. The infrared heaters, lamps, stoves or panels that exist today, have indeed become much more efficient and ecological, as well as effective and pleasant to look at.

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