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Infrared heating for indoor environments

An efficient alternative electric heating method.

Today we will analyze a tool that is extremely useful, especially when temperatures are much lower than body temperature and therefore prohibitive. The infrared lamp can be a solution to this heating problem.

We will see below some information and features relating to them. Specifically, to simplify reading, we will divide the text into four parts:

  • Use
  • Type
  • Operation
  • Conclusions.


Infrared lamps are a convenient and versatile heating method, as they are able to supply the amount of heat needed almost immediately, and can be placed in different places in a room or home without excessively affecting the management of the spaces and the aesthetics.

The convenience, practicality and design of Phormalab lamps make them an excellent choice and at the same time an excellent item of furniture, whether in rooms, terraces, gardens or any other environment. The right lamp for the right environment contributes to creating a mix of functionality and beauty, difficult to obtain otherwise.

One of the greatest advantages that can be achieved by installing this type of heater is efficiency, reaching full heating capacity just a few seconds after switching on. Furthermore, consumption rates, thanks to the high efficiency that transforms a very high amount of electricity into thermal energy, make Phormalab lamps one of the best alternatives when it is necessary to heat a space.


Type of infrared heating

The aforementioned lamps can be classified in two main categories: outdoor and indoor lamps. This basic technology is essentially the same but the structure and the power needed to obtain perceived heat of an adequate level are obviously different. The reason for this is of course to be found in the insulation of the space and therefore in the dispersion of heat.

There are various examples of highly differentiated production of indoor and outdoor lamps, although they can be confused by an inattentive eye.

Indoor lamps, unlike those for outdoor use, do not have a real need to direct the heating downwards. Since the temperature of a closed environment tends to be distributed homogeneously throughout the space that is to be heated. Conversely, the curved covering of the heating elements is often necessary in open spaces. In order to direct the hot air downwards and, where necessary, to protect them from bad weather and water in particular.



The operation of the lamps uses the physical principle of radiation as the technology behind the heat supply. Specifically, electricity passes inside the body of the lamp, built in the most compact way possible, but with the availability of orientation for the heat, through cables that are not externally visible. This electrical power is converted into heat which is transferred to the exterior in order to increase the temperature of the environment. One of the main considerations useful for choosing an instrument of this type is its output, which varies from 0 to 1 or similarly often expressed as a percentage. It is physically impossible that the latter will be 100% but lamps like those of Phormalab can reach numbers that come very close (90%).



In conclusion, we can say that infrared lamps are an excellent method of heating, due to consumption, versatility, and ease of use. They can be of different types and their structure and efficiency are among the main characteristics to take into account when making a choice of this kind. Phormalab produces lamps that possess both the aforementioned characteristics, as well as offering an Italian design that contributes to making the space more harmonious and elegant, while also allowing the heat to be directed in several directions thanks to its joints.

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