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Infrared lamps in wellness centers: why they are a must have

Infrared lamps in wellness centers: why they are a must have

Recent years have seen an increasingly substantial evolution in the field of indoor heating. The incessant search for new solutions, driven by the desire to find strategies that are both more effective and more efficient, has led to a remarkable development of the technology used in this field, thus leading to the creation of innovative products capable of satisfying every need.

One of the most significant among the latest discoveries in the sector are infrared lamps, the only heating solution that masterfully combines quality and elegance while also responding to the call for eco-friendliness that has spread over the last decade.

The versatility of these lamps is certainly their distinctive feature, but they reach their full potential in one environment in particular: the wellness center.

So here are the aspects we will take into consideration:

  • Operation of infrared lamps in the context of the spa
  • Energy saving and focus on customers
  • Design and ergonomics at the service of guests


Why choose infrared lamps over any other heating system?

The answer can easily be identified in their operating principle. Infrared lamps exploit the physical principle of radiation to accomplish their task. Instead of raising the temperature of a space by heating the air that fills the room. Infrared rays target the objects, walls and bodies contained therein, without passing through the air. So much so that infrared is also referred to as “thermal radiation”.

This solution has innumerable advantages. The lamps, installed around the perimeter of the room in question, substantially reduce thermal dispersion. This happens precisely because the rays target only the elements to be heated, thus bypassing the considerable volume of air present in the space. The guests of the relais will therefore be pervaded by an ecstatic sensation of warmth, perceived directly on the skin, as if wrapped in an invisible warm embrace.


An eco- and customer-friendly solution

Precisely because of its ability to reduce thermal dispersion, infrared lamps are currently the most economical energy efficient electric heating system on the market. In addition to reduced energy consumption, the massive reduction of installation and maintenance costs compared to other types of heating brings further advantages, as well as in terms of ease of transport and in the assistance service offered.

This solution also denotes care and respect towards its customers. For the guest, choosing to spend an afternoon at a wellness center taking care of one’s body and spirit also means entering an environment that is beneficial in every aspect. The absence of CO2 emissions and odors arising from the combustion of material, as happens with other types of heating, will provide a healthy and regenerating environment for the stay.


In addition, from the moment it is switched on, radiation heating guarantees a gradual and consistent raising of the temperature. Which thus uniformly reaches the desired level. This means guests will not experience sudden changes in temperature due to passing from an area closer to the system, and therefore warmer, to a colder area in which the heat has not yet spread.


Style and sophistication in a single product

The infrared lamps of this line are also created with the aim of satisfying the aesthetic needs of an environment such as a spa. The search for the best materials in terms of strength, quality and refinement has led to the creation of a totally unique and extremely versatile product.

There are multiple placement options. The various models available easily adapt to walls or installation areas such as corners and other areas of the floor. Even the color itself of the lit lamp instills an immediate feeling of familiarity and relaxation in the environment. Everything is designed to accompany the guest in anticipating an unforgettable moment of pleasure and relaxation in the wellness center.

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