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Infrared lamps: design and wellbeing

Infrared lamps: design and wellbeing

More and more often infrared lamps are used on private terraces or in outdoor areas giving thermal comfort and prolonging their use even on the coldest and harshest winter evenings. They can be used for many different purposes and have become design objects that give thermal comfort to those who use them.

  • Operation of an infrared lamp
  • The importance of design
  • Benefits and wellbeing when using the infrared lamp


How radiation from infrared lamps works

Rooms or objects can be heated by contact, by either convection or conduction, or by heating without contact.

Infrared (IR) lamps use non-contact heating, carried out by irradiation and radiation with IR wavelengths of varying lengths. This types of infrared rays can be short wave (IR – A), medium wave (IR – B) or long wave (IR – C). The object irradiated by the heat source, in this case the infrared lamp, absorbs at least 92% of the energy supplied by the source. This process can be optimized in terms of efficiency if the object to be heated has an absorption coefficient that is comparable to the action spectrum of the lamp used.

Although the lamps are named according to the type of wave they emit, long, medium or short, in reality the transmitted waves are never of one single type, but have varying wavelengths. They can be:

– Medium wave metallic infrared

– Medium wave quartz infrared

– Short wave quartz infrared


The importance of design

How important is design for objects such as heating lamps, conceived for industrial heating use? Have lines and designs evolved?

Design is the use of arts and sciences to improve a product’s aesthetics, functionality and marketability. So that it best blends into its context of use. Recently, even for the simplest and most commonly used objects, the study and application of design have become of fundamental importance. In order to improve the product’s quality of use and not limiting it to its actual purpose.

In recent years even infrared lamps have been affected by design. All the manufacturing industries have worked to make these objects, now in common use and widespread in any public environment. Not just functional but beautiful from an aesthetic point of view as well.

Infrared lamps are used for the main purpose of heating, given their efficiency and versatility in the various service environments. They can meet any need, from industrial use to use in restaurants or on private terraces.

We love design

It is precisely for this reason that the purpose of their use is so important in choosing the product design. Certainly, for industrial use, a design that ensures resistance, ease of use for the operators, and is of adequate size and performance is preferred. On the other hand, for infrared heating lamps used in beauty salons or evening venues, the design must suit the furnishings and the lines must be more delicate and simple.

If the infrared lamps are used in outdoor areas such as American Bars, daytime bars, evening bars, private terraces and gardens, the design of the infrared heating lamp does not fade into the background. If the lamp has graceful lines and is in line with the furnishing of the venue in which it has been installed, it is not visually striking but creates the right atmosphere, becoming an object of design that nonetheless has its own function.

Infrared heating lamps have also evolved over the years, abandoning the basic and industrial lines for which they were created and embracing simple lines that are pleasing to the eye as well as extremely useful for their purposes. No longer seen as simple heating devices, the attention to detail they receive enables them to merge completely with their environment of use, and even create a relaxing evening ambiance.


Infrared lamps: design and wellbeing

Infrared lamps were created with the intention of providing heating in spaces. They enjoy many advantages over other types of lamps and heating. They are very efficient in use, requiring only an electrical connection. Heat up immediately and provide warmth at speeds unthinkable with halogen lamps. They can be used in a variety of spaces, given their complete versatility. Such as therapeutic use in spas, heating in indoor and outdoor rooms and even directly on the terrace of the home.

Infrared lamps adapt to any type of furnishing, can be installed in strategic points, such as corners, flooring or be mobile and movable in any situation. The innovative IR infrared radiation technology is the basis for the optimal comfort these lamps offer. As a whole, the infrared lamps give a feeling of relaxation and ease that make their use optimal in environments such as beauty centers, relaxation or for aperitifs and parties in the company of friends.

Infrared lamps are the most suitable for these purposes, as well as in terms of energy saving. Customers of nightclubs and spas are respected, given that the lamps provide a healthy environment, without CO2 emissions or combustion, and are regenerating and pleasantly warm, giving a feeling of warmth directly on the skin. The temperature is uniform, and the temperature rise in the environment is gradual and pleasant. The use of infrared lamps is so safe that it can even be used indoors, without the risk of unpleasant accidents.


In conclusion, infrared lamps can be an excellent solution for creating comfortable environments perfect for spending evenings in company while remaining outdoors. Finally, you will no longer have to choose between efficiency of use and product design: manufacturers are committed to combining the two characteristics in order to have a product that is both aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional and eco-friendly, in full respect of resources and users, and which promises a consistent and pleasant diffused heat in the environment of use.

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