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The use of infrared heaters in terraces

The use of infrared heaters in terraces

In recent years, outdoor aperitifs have become a must for many people. Who in order to get away from the monotonous routine, want to give themselves two hours of relaxation. In good company with a glass of wine to sip. Premises and bars use terraces and rooftops to create spaces that are pleasant not just in the quality of their food and drink, but also in the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the city squares.

Obviously, we imagine a warm season where there is no need to worry about the weather conditions; but why limit yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sip a good cocktail in December in the fresh air and, why not, while smoking a cigarette?

In fact, 90% of premises have equipped themselves to be able to offer all this. With infrared lamps that make it possible both to light the space and warm it up.

In a short time, these lamps have become part of our daily lives. Not only in stylish bars but also on our private terraces where we want to enjoy a dinner or an evening with our friends.

Indeed, this brilliant invention has allowed the outdoor spaces of our homes to become inviting places at any time of the year. Evenings last longer while you are wrapped in a warmth that allows you to be outdoors even when it might seem unthinkable.

Infrared heaters in terraces

It is also the effect of our desire as humans to break the rules a little and go against the tide. Which we like to do in all areas. And why not do it even with the traditions that dictate that we have to stay indoors by the fireplace in the coldest months of the year?

An evening among the greenery of your terrace, with the light of the moon mixing with the subtle reddish illumination of the infrared lamps. To top it off, a warm thrill that pampers you in the freezing winter air. Is that not a beautiful picture that would tempt anyone to invite friends and family round, and to deck out the balcony as if it were a restaurant?

What’s more, these ingenious devices have become objects of furniture and design; a bit like the fireplaces of the past. Today, however, with development and technology they have succeeded in making a “portable” fireplace that illuminates, warms, needs no wood or continuous surveillance. That does not require you to sacrifice any space in your house or terrace, as it acts as a general light source, that would in any case be necessary.


With a terrace large enough to accommodate several people, I think infrared lamps could completely revolutionize the concept of outdoor space that has been instilled in us over the years. It is fun, original and pleasant. Be able to break the rules and spend an evening in the moonlight when the weather forecast would only advise you to stay indoors. What’s more, being able to choose pieces that are rather beautiful to look at (because as already mentioned, these lamps have also become items of furniture) allows us to give a personal touch to our rooftop, that with the use of just a few items instantly becomes a warm and welcoming environment.

Until a few years ago, all this seemed unthinkable, and yet today it is routine. I think everyone has taken a walk through town and seen dozens of bars and restaurants with people comfortably dining outdoors, without their teeth chattering from the cold.

It is, in fact, a useful and brilliant discovery, that allows not only restaurants to take advantage of every square meter of the building to add covers, but also makes our homes more versatile for any kind of need.

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