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Infrared lamps: the fast and efficient heat source for home environment

To live comfortably, there must be a pleasant room temperature. Nobody wants to shaking from cold and conventional heating isn’t always the best option. Think, for example, on a period of transition between one season and another or particularly cold summer days. Sometimes we need to quickly heat a bathroom. For these areas of use and application purposes, infrared heating lamps are perfect. The heat develops immediately after turning on the practical device. Infrared heaters are flexible and universally usable at home. It’s possible to use the infrared heating lamp anywhere, depending on the construction, it’s suitable for the internal and outdoor areas.

Energy efficient, economically advantageous and profitable

All heating methods require preheating, and consequently cause costs. This is particularly felt when you want to have a warm environment for only a short time.  Afterwards, you leave the apartment and return back only after a long working day. In order for the central heating to reach the desired temperatures, it must be in constant operation.

It doesn’t matter if you heat with fuel, oil or with district heating: The costs are high. Even in the case of alternative heating, such as heating with wood, coal or pellets, both costs and preheating is significant. The infrared heating lamp is instead switched on only when there is a need for immediate heat and the heater doesn’t require a preheating phase. The surrounding environment is warm immediately, more profitable than this isn’t possible. Save on energy costs and time by using an energy-efficient infrared heating lamp, where you want a warm environment quickly!

The infrared lamp is clean from every point of view

Good air is important for everyone’s well-being. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics need good hygiene and cleanliness in the rooms and require that the ambient air is possibly free of dust. By using an infrared heating lamp, dust contamination in the ambient air is reduced. We are not talking about sterile conditions, but about an ambient air that offers air to breathe, in the true sense of the word.

The heat of heating has a drying effect, the humidity of the healthy air decreases. With conventional heaters, the air is constantly on the move and consequently, during heating, a large amount of dust is raised, which cannot be seen but which has a negative effect on our health. In the case of infrared heating, the ambient air remains still, therefore less dust is found in the air we breathe. Air humidity also remains constant, at a well tolerable level. Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma immediately feels the positive atmosphere, with much less dust. In addition, in the cold season, the risk of cooling diseases decreases. Infrared heaters do not produce CO₂.

The harmful emissions of conventional heating affect the climate and the environment. With an infrared heating lamp, on the other hand, you actively contribute to environmental protection! The positive effect is not only an essential contribution to a healthy environmental climate in the home environment. Heat is good – clean heat and better air even more!

Is the use of an infrared lamps safe for home?

For every form of heating, safety is important. Heaters that work with electricity must be reliable and must function safely. Our heaters meet all legal requirements. We want you to be warm, but we also pay close attention to safety regulations. The quality characteristics and general characteristics of our infrared heating lamps demonstrate high safety. The main functions of infrared lamps are the possibility of orienting them according to requirements and the possibility of adjusting the heat emission power according to the external temperature. In addition, the Phormalab infrared lamps have an important function, not always present in the lamps that we find on the market, that is the ability to manage orientation and emission power directly via your mobile-phone!

How to best adjust infrared lamps at home

The optimal regulation of the infrared heating system is essential if you want to obtain energy efficiency and economic savings from this air conditioning system. Traditional regulation systems rely on heat transmitted by convection and are therefore not suitable for regulating heat transmitted by radiation. One of the fundamental components of thermal well-being are the infrared rays that emanate hot bodies. Being electromagnetic radiation beams (such as light), infrared energy directly affects the body to be heated, neglecting everything (or almost) around it. If it’s a medium-sized room, for example a room surrounded by walls, during a short period of time, the radiation is also absorbed by the surrounding walls and furnishings, which subsequently give it to the air, creating an environment with a diffused heat.

Therefore there will be a radiant heat component and a convection heat component. The heat beam of our lamps doesn’t carry visible light beams, in this way there is no optical noise. The lamps, in fact, are also used in environments such as churches, restaurants, hotels, where obviously any interference would be intolerable. European legislation requires compliance with minimum limits of distance from the human eye, these limits are automatically respected by installing the lamps at their ideal operating height

Tips before buying an infrared lamps for your home

Before buying an infrared lamp, you will need to identify your personal need. How large is the room in which the infrared heating lamp is to be used? We have in our assortment different models with different performances. Thus it is possible to drive the heat precisely. Do you need a heater for a small room or for the kids room? Do you want to use the conservatory more often and ensure pleasant warmth with an infrared heating lamp? Are the hobby room cellar and the workshop too cold to use them often? No problem! We have the infrared lamp for you!

The technical characteristics of an infrared lamp to be verified before purchase and to be compared with your personal needs according to the environment in which we are going to install them are: the power, expressed in Watts, which clearly must be proportionate to the environment installation. A good heating lamp will have a minimum power of 1500 W and a maximum of 2500 W or greater. Another technical feature concerns the irradiating capacity of the lamp.

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