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The benefits of infrared lamps

The benefits of infrared lamps

In the last decade the field of technology has made enormous strides, thanks also to the influence of science and scientific research. The collaboration and constant dialogue between these two “worlds” allow the creation of very useful products in everyday life and beyond. For example, a few months ago news emerged of the possibility of using a particular element, fluorine, to produce much more durable batteries for smartphones, or even the possibility of using graphene, a material formed by carbon atoms, as a material for buildings and asphalt. Without a doubt, however, the most useful result emerged from the collaboration of these two sectors was the possibility of using infrared rays (IR) even in everyday life, with very interesting effects. Let’s see the benefits of this infrared lamps. Specifically, in the following paragraphs we will focus on:

– What infrared rays are

– Their main use, ie in infrared lamps

– The usefulness of infrared lamps for health

– Why ‘Made in Italy’ is important even in this field.


What are infrared rays?

Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves with a wave length of more than 780 nanometers, which are located in the red zone, the barrier that divides the visible light spectrum from the non-visible one. The maximum infrared length can reach up to 1,000,000 nanometers. They are often abbreviated with the acronym IR, ie Infra-Red, which indicates the color of the area it covers. The main generator of IR rays is the sun itself; in fact we can notice them by moving from a sunny area to a shaded area, where we will feel colder despite the temperature being the same. This is because infrared rays irradiate our planet, providing heat to bodies, both material and immaterial. If irradiated, intangible objects can in fact emit infrared radiations in their turn, such as the fire in the hearth that warms us in winter, for example.


Infrared lamps, the main use of IR rays

Given their excellent heat-providing properties, IR rays are now often used in public and meeting places such as restaurants, cinemas, school gyms, etc. thanks to specific infrared lamps. The heat emitted by these lamps is practically identical to that of the sun, thanks to the fact that the heat emitted goes only where it is needed. In fact, the infrared rays strike the bodies of people and objects directly and are immediately absorbed, without losing heat into the environment.

These lamps are operated by electricity, in that they are formed by a complex and articulated system of electric cables, capable of generating enormous power that can reach up to 2000W. This makes it possible to convert and transform as much as 90% of the electricity used inside into heat, to then be emitted into the room where it is located. It should also be noted that infrared lamps are silent, odorless and do not pollute. We can therefore briefly summarize the advantages of having and using an infrared lamp:

– Safe and efficient

– They supply a lot of heat much faster than normal heating methods

– They have great power and great durability.


Infrared lamps also for health treatments

Contrary to what we think, IR rays are not harmful to the body; indeed, if used properly and with a specific treatment, they can lead to very interesting benefits. These lamps are in fact used to treat chronic pain, such as that of the neck, with excellent and very fast results. How is this possible?

The infrared rays that the lamps emit can penetrate up to 7 cm inside the body. They also allow the rapid healing of deep-seated pain, which is otherwise difficult to resolve with other types of therapies or with traditional ointments.

Moreover, some scientific studies have shown that numerous bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells are averse to the heat emitted by IR rays, hence specific therapies can be created against similar problems. To sum up, here are the main health benefits provided by infrared lamps:

– Warms tissues in depth, allowing better circulation and supply of vitamins, proteins, etc., as well as immediately relaxation of any type of muscle contraction.

– Infrared lamps also allows improvement of the oxygenation and hydration of skin tissues.

– It is excellent both for acute pain, given the great speed of healing and cessation of pain. Also for chronic pain, such as troublesome neck pain

– It optimally relaxes any exposed muscles and also the nervous system in general. Since the lamps use the same IR rays as the sun, and can therefore improve our mood and decrease anxiety and stress

– Infrared lamps are safe and do not cause any problems to the body.


The ‘Made in Italy’ of infrared lamps: benefits

As in any field of technology, it is very important to try to favor ‘Made in Italy’, that is to create products from companies that are completely Italian and then export them all over the world. Unfortunately, only 30% of companies in Italy use this brand, and this is also reflected in the economy. The main ‘Made in Italy’ companies deal primarily with food, fashion and textiles. The car company Fiat should also be highlighted, however, as a symbol of the worldwide success of an Italian company.

This infrared sector, specifically infrared lamps, is mainly dominated by foreign companies, especially German ones, who choose to focus heavily on this type of heat. However, there are some Italian companies that produce and market their own IR lamps, such as Syner, a company from Mantua with the official ‘Made in Italy’ brand.

Buying from Italian lines is worthwhile in many respects, both personal and general. Generally, the company increases its popularity in its own country, and this can also lead to further success in foreign markets. Furthermore, using Italian infrared lamps in public places is undoubtedly a satisfaction both for the owner of the place and for the company that produced them. It is the starting point, albeit minimal and prosaic, to improve the Italian economy. From a private point of view, those who buy them have advantages such as rapid assistance, and the possibility of requesting and receiving spare parts in just a few days in the event of internal problems with the lamp.

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