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Why choose infrared lamp

Why use infrared lamp?

Most of the buildings in Italy have a traditional methane heating system, useful to make a small indoor space more comfortable. This solution, however, is not effective to heat up a large or an outdoor environment in the colder periods of the year, which remains an absolute necessity and which can be efficiently met thanks to infrared lamps. In this article we will explain the reasons why you should choose an infrared lamp.


An infrared lamp is practical

Using an infrared lamp, which heats a large room thanks to the irradiation, is extremely easier and more effective than other alternatives. Consider for example the use of systems fuelled with gaseous or liquid fuels (such as butane or diesel). To use these, it is necessary to know their functioning perfectly, as well as having to equip by the fuel, which is certainly more expensive than the electricity that the lamp needs instead.

The use of an infrared lamp therefore is much easier and more immediate; in fact, once positioned at the point we wish to heat up, simply connect it to the mains and press the switch. So, you do not need to transport tanks or fuel bottles and connect them to the heater pipes, before having to use them. Furthermore, maintenance operations are limited to the cleaning of the structure and the replacement of light bulbs, that is extremely simple actions which require very little time.


Friend of the wallet and of the environment

The fact that no fuel supplies are required, extraordinary maintenance or special measures, means that the costs of operating an infrared lamp are much lower than a gas system. In detail, compared to the same usage time, infrared lamps cost almost half of the combustion systems. Not only for the fact that they do not need any kind of fuel, but also because the only expense to be sustained over time is to change light bulbs.

In addition to this a gas or liquid fuel system requires oxygen to create a flame. As a result, carbon dioxide is released, which is harmful for the human organism and the environment. On the contrary, being powered by electric current, an infrared lamp does not release any polluting or harmful residue; for this reason, one can safely say that infrared heating is environmentally friendly.


It gives an extra touch to the environment

As a last reason, the environment in which we are immersed, its light, smells, colours and shapes affect our mood and the wellbeing it conveys. The infrared lamps, if studied with the right design, are refined and simple objects, which can perfectly integrate with the surrounding space, enriching it with their presence, without being out of tune. Contributing to give an addition to it, not only for their efficiency, but also for their extremely accurate line; in this way they can be noticed, thanks to their discretion.

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