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Choose a Phormalab infrared heating lamp for your business

If you are looking for a way to heat your business location, rely on the many benefits of a Phormalab heating lamp. Bars, restaurants and hotels can offer their customers the comfort of an infrared lamp throughout the year: in fact, this type of heating represents a practical and effective alternative to gas and heat pumps for zero net heating.

How an infrared lamp works

Infrared heaters create a kind of heat that is very similar to that emitted by the sun’s rays: infrared light hits the surfaces within its range of action, thus being absorbed by our skin, clothes and other surrounding objects. As a result, the temperature of the surrounding environment also increases. The light bulb is surrounded by an aluminum parabola, specially designed to transfer heat evenly several meters away. A gentle and comfortable source of heat flows from it.

Furthermore, this technology allows a very targeted form of heat: only the areas within its range of action, which is about 10 square meters, are heated. In that sense, they work differently than other types of heaters that you might consider for your business. The classic heaters, in fact, work by convection, gradually heating the surrounding air and letting it circulate until it has filled the entire space; clearly, if the wind moves the hot air, the heat is dispersed quickly. Infrared lamps, on the other hand, emit a precise heat beam that heats directly by emitting a constant flow of heat. With a heating lamp you do not have to wait for the air in the surrounding space to heat up, as with normal heaters: it heats up quickly, with fast-acting heat rays that dissipate the cold.

The advantages of a heating lamp for your business

Infrared heaters will not add pollutants to your room. They operate without carbon combustion, no toxic byproducts, no open flames and no fuel lines. Basically, they add nothing to the air and absorb nothing from the air.

They heat only specific areas and objects, thus maximizing the yield by minimizing the waste of energy that should be used to heat an entire room. Also, there is no need to preheat a room as these heaters work instantly. Thanks to our infrared heating lamp, you can achieve efficient heating at a relatively low cost. Also, infrared lamps work quietly since they don’t use a fan – they only radiate light. This is why they are also ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

Infrared heaters also have less impact on the environment than other heaters, since they do not reduce the humidity or oxygen content in the room. Other heaters can dry out the nasal passages and skin, as well as cause static electricity. Because these heaters produce the same kind of heat as the sun, you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight, such as improved blood circulation, without the dangerous effects of UV rays.

On top of that, maintenance for infrared heaters is extremely minimal. As there are no moving parts, there is no engine to wear, no air filters to replace or lubrication required – all you need to do is periodically clean the reflectors to keep your unit in perfect working order.

If you want to quickly heat up a very specific area, such as the tables in your restaurant, the smoking area or the entrance to your hotel, infrared lamps are therefore for you.

Add design to your hotel, bar or restaurant

In addition to heating the indoor and outdoor spaces of your business, the Phormalab infrared heating lamp adds design to your environment. The heaters usually do not give importance to aesthetics, and are negatively impacting on a visual level, but now it is possible to find an infrared heater to show off with pride. All our infrared lamps, in fact, have been conceived and designed to match most of the furnishings. With Hotdoor we offer a floral and refined line for the most chic environments, while if you prefer minimal and industrial design we have specially created Aura. Furthermore, any model of the Hotdoor line can be customized according to the color of the body and shell. In this way you can perfectly match the heating lamp to the style and colors of your rooms.

The quality you will get with a Phormalab heat lamp is truly excellent. No matter which of our infrared lamps you prefer, you are guaranteed a reliable and long lasting product. In addition, they come with remote control and are suitable both indoors and outdoors for wall or ceiling mounting.

Our infrared lamps provide a pleasant sensation of warmth without wasting energy. They do not emit their own light and therefore do not dazzle or damage the eyes. Particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels, churches and offices as well as for private use, Phormalab infrared lamps are the perfect solution for those looking for quality heating without sacrificing aesthetics.

Choose the infrared heater design that best suits your needs and give yourself the comfort that only a heating lamp can give you.

Take advantage of your outdoor environments even in winter

Spring, summer, autumn or winter: the infrared heater provides direct heat at any time of the year. With an infrared lamp you make your space usable regardless of temperatures and seasons. The most popular outdoor areas can also be used on cool days or evenings.

In commercial catering, a heat lamp offers additional outdoor seating and a noticeable increase in sales in outdoor dining. The pleasant infrared heat is felt on the skin immediately after switching on. The intensity can be adjusted by remote control or directly from your smartphone.

Whether it is heavy rain or snow, the Phormalab heating lamp is also perfectly equipped for use in commercial outdoor spaces in the restaurant and hotel sector. The die-cast aluminum design, built to IPX5 protection class, reliably protects against dust, dirt and splashing water. The Phormalab infrared lamp is therefore recommended for all-year-round heating use in permanent installation.

Time outdoors is too precious to depend on bad weather. The heating lamp is the perfect solution to make outdoor spaces usable all year round. Companies in the retail trade, the events and culture sector, the hotel and gastronomy sectors can largely benefit from an infrared lamp.


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