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Heat your home with infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are great for keeping the whole house warm. These modern electric heating solutions provide a deep level of heat for your living room, bathroom, bedroom and even your garden. Eco-friendly, efficient and minimal, infrared lamps are the perfect energy saving solution for heating your property. That’s why Phormalab has such a wide range of options to fit into a multitude of spaces.

How do infrared heaters work?

Infrareds provide deep, relaxing heat that replicates the natural heat you feel daily from the sun but without harmful ultraviolent rays. Radiant heat travels in a wave to directly heat you and all the surrounding objects, instead of simply heating the air. This heat is then absorbed by the surrounding objects which radiate the heat back into the room for a 360 degrees heat.

This makes the heating system more efficient because the heat produced is not wasted to open windows or doors, so you don’t have to waste electricity or money tyring to heat a space. Infrared is completely safe and an effective way to keep the whole home warm and cozy.

In addition to being efficient, there are a variety of other benefits to heating your home with infrared. First of all, infrared heaters don’t produce carbon dioxide like gas heaters do, so you won’t have to worry about any gas leaks, making it not only the safest option, but also simpler. Since they do not use fuels to generate heat, there is no need for annual recalls or inspections, so maintenance is reduced to a quick dusting from time to time.

Because infrared heaters don’t use convection to keep you warm, they don’t stir up dust allergies. The benefits are truly endless when it comes to installing infrared heating, which is why it continues to grow in popularity.

One infrared heater for every room

Our infrared heaters are stylish and modern enough to become the focal point of any room, but also minimal to integrate perfectly with your interior. With a multitude of designs available, every heater can suit any style preference you may have.

Which lamp to choose for the living room and bedroom? Infrared panels use gentle and far infrared heat to provide comfortable heat, ideal for when you want to spend some time watching TV. Infrared wall lamps or floorboards are ideal for installation throughout the home, especially in the living room and bedroom, where you want to experience maximum comfort.

Models with smart dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity from mobile via the app and decide whether to turn it on or off. With minimal design and easy installation, our infrared lamps are an elegant, simple and energy-efficient heating solution for a wide range of spaces throughout the home.

Ceiling and wall lamps, but also Aura, are ideal for your bathroom or kitchen. Slim and discreet, they have an elegant design that fits any interior. When in use, the heat provided by these panels ensures that the reflective surface remains clear, so if you’re in the bathroom showering or in the kitchen, any condensation won’t settle and cloud the mirror. These panels also help fight moisture because the deep heat they produce is absorbed by the walls and surrounding objects. This prevents moisture from settling, which is why infrared panels are such a perfect addition to bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is most likely to form.

Install an infrared heater in your garden or outdoor terrace

Infrared heat can be extended to the garden for effective and efficient heat both inside and outside the home. Instead of an infrared panel, outdoor spaces need terrace heaters that use robust short-wave infrared heat to provide instant and constant heat that will compensate for outside temperatures, so that even in the colder months the benefits can be felt.

The plants are the perfect and affordable option for any home garden as it provides instant radiant heat. Aura is also recommended for outdoor use and can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted for greater versatility. All our infrared lamps are designed with weatherproof IPX5 protection rating. So it will be well protected, allowing you to install it safely in your garden.

Infrared heaters are the perfect way to heat a home. They can be mounted in all indoor and outdoor environments, with styles that fit every room and will provide an effective and comfortable warmth whenever you need it. So if you are thinking about installing a new heating system in your home, why not choose infrared heaters?

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