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How to pair Phormalab lamps with your smartphone

Controlling your infrared lamp has never been so simple. If you have purchased one of our lamps together with the Smart dimmer, or the Smart version of AURA, here is a quick and simple guide to be able to associate your Phormalab infrared lamp with your smartphone.

In this way, it will be possible to choose the heat emitted from time to time, based on personal needs and weather conditions of the moment, consequently reducing the energy consumption of the product.

Step by step guide

But now let’s see what are the steps to follow to make the connection correctly:

  1. To start, after connecting the dimmer to the power outlet and the lamp and turning it on, you will need to download the “Phormalab” application, which you will find directly from the Play Store (android devices) or from the App store (iOS devices). We also remind you that, in order to connect correctly, it will be necessary to activate both bluetooth and geolocalization on your electronic device.
  2. At this point, select the icon at the bottom left, so as to search for nearby heating lamps. Once the lamp appears, you will be able to select and activate it.
  3. Now, you will be prompted to enter an activation code, which by our standard is always 00000000 (eight times the zero digit) for any device.
  4. Once you have followed these steps, you will finally be able to control your Phormalab product quickly and easily.

Temperature regulation

In addition to the dimmer – which can be controlled via smartphone or other electronic device – you will also be supplied with a remote control. Which will allow you to perform the same actions on the product as our app if you do not have a compatible electronic device.

If there are any steps that are not particularly clear to you, alternatively you can watch a short video on our YouTube channel that will show you step by step the entire process of pairing your smartphone with our smart dimmer. You will find the video at the following link.

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