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If you have ever thought about saving on office heating costs, you may have heard about infrared lamps, a modern and more effective way to warm up your cold office! A welcoming office is the key to a happier working environment, but obviously heating up the office is far from a cheap endeavour. Most offices rely on air conditioners or radiators that do the job but consume a lot of energy. Unfortunately, these methods are inefficient because they heat the air around the office that will be lost as people enter and leave their offices.

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is the process of heating through the use of infrared radiation. Radiation, however, is not dangerous. Everything that emits heat does so through the radiation process. The heat of the sun is also infrared and infrared heaters are no more dangerous than sunlight.

However, infrared heaters are slightly different from conventional heaters. While conventional heating heats the surrounding air, infrared heating heats through the air particles and directly heats objects and surfaces. In the same way that a metallic object becomes warmer in the sunlight. As a result, these heated objects radiate their heat until the entire room warms up. This makes infrared heating panels extremely efficient because they do not have to be switched on for long periods of time because objects emit heat gradually and over time.

Typically, an infrared heater 40% smaller than a conventional heater will produce the same level of comfort. To put it simply, a 400 W infrared heater will produce the same amount of heat as a conventional 1 kW heater. Infrared lamps are of course more effective and the good news is that they are remarkably inexpensive to install. First of all, they do not need a complex piping system to work. Simply connect them to the mains. This means that you can also gradually introduce infrared heaters in offices, one room at a time.

Are infrared lamps a good way to warm up your office?

There are a number of reasons why infrared lamps are ideal for office heating, such as the fact that you will feel the warmth immediately. You do not have to wait fifteen minutes for your cold office to warm up. Bear in mind that this would be fifteen minutes of power used to heat the air that could be dispersed by a draft. With infrared heaters, simply turn it on when you need it and easily solve the problem of a ventilated room.

Infrared lamps also have the added benefit of being fully silent! This means that employees can focus on their tasks without having to hear the irritating air conditioning humming in the background. Infrared heaters not only reduce noise pollution, they are also a much healthier method of heating! Our infrared heating panels are incredibly stylish and extremely easy to install. Simply hang them on a wall or ceiling and connect! It really is that simple. In addition to being modern, they also save space in the office and come with a sleek, minimal look!

Infrared heaters heat up even a room much faster than an air conditioner, and that heat lasts even longer. While the air may circulate in the room, objects throughout the room slowly radiate their warmth. This means that when you switch on an infrared heating panel in your cold office and make a cup of tea, your office will be lovely and warm!

Employees spend eight hours a day at work: office heating is more of a necessity than a luxury. Take care of your employees by investing in a healthier, more pocket-friendly and more effective method of heating the office. Thanks to the infrared heating panel from Phormalab, cold offices will be a distant memory!

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