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New Phormalab website

The new Phormalab website is online starting from April 2022.

Along with a careful restyling of the page – with the addition of photos and updated content -, we have implemented some important new features.

First of all, through the “products” section you can now easily access our entire range of products, spare parts and accessories. It is divided into four macrocategories: Hotdoor wall and ceiling mountiung, Hotdoor floor standing, Aura wall and ceiling mounting, and Aura umbrella, each with its respective variants. As it will be explained later, this allows the user to configure the desired model easily and in a completely independent way.

By clicking on “references” you can then view a gallery containing photos of our installations at some important locations in the main European cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Verona, Rome, Florence…).

Finally, in the “download” section you can access some useful documents: our 2022 brochure, product data sheets and assembly instructions for lamps and accessories. Here you will also find our photographic material, a link to redirect you to Phormalab’s YouTube page and our restricted area (whose access can be done through some credentials, which have to be requested by e-mail).

The new way to configure lamps

In addition to the publication of our updated website, we have implemented a new and practical method to request a quote for an item.

Starting from the “products” section, you can select the model that best suits your needs, with the corresponding mounting solution. Once done, a page like the one shown in the picture below opens, which allows the full configuration of the lamp in all of its aspects. The color of the lamp body (black/white/beige). The color of the cover (black/white/silver/brass/grey/beige), the voltage (235V/110V), the power (1500W/2000W), the dimmer (Basic/Smart) and the type of plug (see picture below).

After you have selected a parameter for each field, the lamp preview will become available in the image on the left. And at the same time the corresponding product code will be generated (see picture below).

All you have to do now is choose the number of items you want and then click on “aggiungi a preventivo” (add to quotation). At this point, the button “vai alla lista” (go to list) will appear and let you proceed with a request of quotation, which will be managed by our staff. Alternatively, you can keep browsing and add other items or accessories to your list. Which you can access by pressing on the icon “cart” (see picture below).

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