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Heating for terraces and outdoor areas

The perfect time to prepare your business for the new season is now, and you cannot neglect the heating of the terraces and outdoor areas of your business. Phormalab invites you to try a heating solution for your outdoor spaces, covered or semi-covered. Thanks to which you can continue to serve your customers even after the summer is over. Why close a part of the business when it can be heated easily, economically, quickly, safely and elegantly?

Infrared outdoor heating is the best solution for restaurants, bars and cafes that want to keep the volume of business on their terraces even in winter. Take advantage of those moments and offer an evening like no other without sacrificing comfort: discover all the advantages of infrared heating, at your service and that of your business.

Infrared lamps ideals for terraces

Maximum efficiency, the best heat distribution where it is needed: no bad smoke, no danger of burns or fires. Both on closed and open terraces, the infrared external heating helps to improve the performance of your business, and it is thanks to the infrared lamps that your customers will be able to enjoy your terrace both in spring and in the coldest winter. It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice place to enjoy a drink, dinner or even just a cigarette without necessarily dying of cold.

Outdoor infrared lamps are designed to solve some of the biggest problems when it comes to heating a dining room or outdoor recreation area. With a wide variety of options to suit all cases, they have several advantages to consider. With a very simple installation they can be positioned attached to the wall or ceiling, to structures such as pergolas, umbrellas or on independent supports, leaving maximum useful space for your business.

Moreover, they are highly efficient: thanks to infrared technology, which heats by radiation and not by convection, up to 95% of the heat emitted is used where it is needed. That is on your customers, without dispersing heat into the environment. In addition, the heat is transmitted more homogeneously and evenly. From the moment of ignition, you can immediately perceive the heat which translates into comfort and avoids unnecessary expenses. The robust yet elegant design and with a high degree of protection of Phormalab lamps, will withstand the elements without losing an ounce of elegance, which allows them to integrate perfectly into all types of decorations and styles.

The advantages of the infrared technology

Infrared lamps do not waste time or energy heating the surrounding area and are designed to work as efficiently as possible. They help businesses and homeowners make the most of outdoor space while keeping energy costs low. To explain such a technology, one must first understand how infrared light differs from other types of heating. Infrared heat directly heats the object instead of having an effect on the surrounding air. It may be a difficult concept to grasp, but it is essentially the same feeling you get when you step out into the sunlight; this means that when using infrared heat the air around it will not feel as hot as you would expect given the warmth of surrounding objects.

Since we are the producers, we can customize our infrared lamps as you wish upon request. Elegant design, high resistance to bad weather, our products are designed to quickly provide heat. Without forgetting the absence of fumes, bad smells or annoying noises. Ease of installation, minimal maintenance and very low energy consumption compared to other electrical solutions on the market are just some of the other advantages of our infrared lamps. The elegant finish integrates perfectly into any environment, and installation could not be simpler. Just mount it, connect it and it is immediately ready for use, without any work, revision or maintenance.

Ideal for smoking area

Did you know that infrared heating does not need to heat the room? Like the sun’s rays, the heat penetrates directly into objects within its range, then allowing great directionality, without emissions of any kind, annoying lights and without losing thermal quality while within its range.

Economical, efficient, with a minimal ecological footprint, easy installation and zero maintenance required in the short term. If you do not yet have infrared lamps, you can contact our technical staff, who will study your case and propose the solution that best suits your needs: therefore, take advantage of the most modern technology currently available in terms of heating.

This method allows you to save on installed power (between 30 and 50% compared to traditional systems) and on monthly electricity consumption (about 40%). But, in addition, it offers other advantages that a priori are not easily measurable: greater comfort and healthier warmth. In addition, it is particularly suitable for allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Why is infrared a good alternative to gas boilers?

The main reason why infrared has the better of gas boilers is due to their high efficiency. Some of the best infrared panels on the market have a 112-115% rating, rather than just 100%. Most heating systems provide most of their heat through a process called “convection”, which is effective but also quite expensive. This is when the heat is transferred to the air, which then heats the people in that room. Radiation, on the other hand, excludes the intermediary (the air), transferring the heat directly from the stove to the people in the room.

Also, you are more likely to stay warmer longer with infrared heating. This is because convection heating is easily lost, due to drafts or open doors and windows. Radiant heat, however, heats objects, which cannot escape through a current of air. Infrared heating can reduce heating costs by 30-50%, but that will depend on the construction of your home, the ceiling height of the property, and how well insulated it is.

Infrared heating can be even healthier than gas heating for people with dust allergies or asthma. While conventional radiators heat the room by moving the air around the room, infrared radiation only heats the objects, which means that the air does not move and the dust is not disturbed. Do you still think infrared lamps are perfect for your home? Contact us for a quote, or take a look at our online catalog.

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